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Article: Advocacy Groups Seek to Curb Corporations

By Eliza Newlin Carney
Roll Call Staff
Nov. 29, 2011

As Occupy Wall Street activists vacate public parks around the country, several new advocacy groups have sprung up to pursue OWS-inspired constitutional amendments to limit the influence of money and corporate lobbying in politics.

Article: Efforts build to curb corporate political spending

Thatcher Moats

Vermont Today

November 27, 2011

Ending corporate personhood via a Constitutional Amendment: we are on our way.

Daily Kos

John Bonifaz

November 22, 2011

The movement to overturn corporate personhood and the Citizens United ruling achieved a major breakthrough last week.  Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) introduced a Constitutional Amendment last Tuesday that makes clear that corporations are not people and do not have the rights of people under the US Constitution.

Here’s a very short video (1 :57) of Rep. McGovern discussing why this is so important.

Listen now: House amendment to end corporate personhood gains momentum

Free Speech Radio News

November 18, 2011

Michael Lawson

Call to Action Against Citizens United

McGovern backs amendment to exclude corporations as ‘people’

By Bobby Caina Calvan

November 16, 2011

Editorial: Challenging Corporate Personhood

MetroWest Daily News

November 17, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney caused a stir when he told a crowd in Iowa that "corporations are people, too." He went on to explain that corporations employ, serve and are owned by people, which is true enough, as far as it goes.

In Citizens United, the U.S. Supreme Court went further, decreeing that, since corporations are people, they are endowed with all the rights under the First Amendment, including the right to spend corporate money on political activities without limits.