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Will the People's Rights Amendment prevent people from joining together into political parties, citizens’ organizations, associations, unions or other groups to participate in elections and public debate?

No. The People's Rights Amendment applies to corporate entities and has no application to voluntary associations and does not change constitutionally protected freedom of association. People are always free to associate with others to promote their speech or engage in political activity.

What about the press?

The People's Rights Amendment will do nothing to infringe freedom of speech or of the press. The First Amendment clearly prevents government suppression of “the press,” whether a corporation or not, and that is as it should be.

Will the People's Rights Amendment limit speech?

No. The People's Rights Amendment will preserve and protect free speech for everyone. Eliminating corporate money in politics or eliminating the ability of corporations to strike down laws that executives of a corporation may think limit corporate marketing campaigns will not effect the speech rights of a single person.

How will the Constitution be amended?

The Constitution itself defines how the people may amend it. Article V states:

Can Congress fix it?

Congress can begin to fix the decision by approving a Constitutional amendment proposal and sending it to the States for ratification.

What will the People's Rights Amendment say and what will it do?

The People's Rights Amendment will overrule the Citizens United v. FEC case and return the First Amendment to its longstanding purpose as a guarantee of the fullest rights of a free people and the press.