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Iowa Senate Sends Message To Corporations

It didn’t take the Iowa Senate long to respond to the devastating blow to democracy struck in Citizens United v. FEC, voting 49-1 to impose tough new regulations on corporations trying to interfere in elections. In doing so, the Iowa Senate became the first state legislative body to pass significant campaign finance reform responding to Citizens United.

The bill promises to regulate corporate interference in elections by:

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Legislation Expected in Alaska on Monday

On Monday, both the Alaska House and Senate will introduce legislation affirming that corporations are not people FOR THE PURPOSES OF ELECTIONS. One of the sponsors is Hollis French, a long time legislator and gubernatorial candidate in Alaska’s next election. There are several sponsors on each bill at this point. More »

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Rally in Annapolis, Maryland

Free Speech for People, Not Corporations!
RALLY to Take Back Democracy!

Lawyer’s Mall, Annapolis (near Church Circle)
Monday, Feb. 22nd, 2010   6 – 7 PM
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