The For the People Act, the most comprehensive democracy reform bill in a generation, was introduced in the Senate today, following its recent passage in the House. But there’s one major hurdle to it becoming law: the filibuster.

The filibuster is an archaic rule that doesn’t exist in the Constitution or in state governments and allows just 41 senators (who could represent as few as 11.1% of Americans) to block anything — giving a minority of senators total power over which bills Congress can pass. Former President Obama rightly called it a “Jim Crow relic.”

In short, it is undemocratic.

Tell the Senate: Eliminate the filibuster.

As long as the filibuster exists, we are giving politicians a veto over critical reforms and legislation designed to benefit the people. Democrats can remove the legislative filibuster with a simple majority, but some Democratic senators in the new Congress are hesitant to do so.

If we are going to pass any meaningful legislation on voting rights, election security, or restoring power to the people over big corporations and billionaires, we must first eliminate the filibuster.

Sign the petition: It is time to eliminate the filibuster.