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Great News in Colorado: Initiative aimed at big campaign money makes November ballot (Denver Post)

Initiative aimed at big campaign money makes November ballot

By Tim Hoover

The Denver Post

President Obama Joins Call to Overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional Amendment

In a chat with the website Reddit, President Obama called for serious look at a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.

"Over the longer term, I think we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process to overturn Citizens United (assuming the Supreme Court doesn't revisit it). Even if the amendment process falls short, it can shine a spotlight of the super-PAC phenomenon and help apply pressure for change," Obama wrote.

Which of the 13 Amendment Bills in Play in the 112th Congress We Support, and Why

We recently did a close analysis of the 13 amendment bills currently in play in Congress.  Here it is:

Initiative 166 links Montana's past to present

Letters to the Editor

Billings Gazette

July 31, 2012

Massachusetts becomes 7th state to call for a Constitutional Amendment

Late last night, the Massachusetts State House took the historic step of unanimously approving a resolution calling on Congress to overrule the Citizens United decision with a constitutional amendment restoring democracy to the American people.

The State House’s unanimous voice vote last night follows an almost equally overwhelming vote of 35 to 1 in the State Senate to approve a similar resolution last Thursday.

Thanks, Citizens United, for This Campaign Finance Mess We're In

Adam Skaggs

The Atlantic

Apologists for this damaging Supreme Court decision are wrong on the facts and the law.

'Dark Money' Hits $172 Million In 2012 Election, Half Of Independent Group Spending

Paul Blumenthal

Huffington Post

July 29, 2012

Reclaim government for the people

Alma Rutgers

Greenwich Time

July 27, 2012

Our Constitution derives its authority from we the people. And we the people are pushing back against Citizens United. We're mounting a vigorous defense against this assault upon the cherished democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution.

Municipalities, states, counties and local groups nationwide are adopting resolutions calling for a 28th amendment to the Constitution. This people's amendment would reverse the effects of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

Senator Tom Udall provides testimony at US Senate hearing on Citizens United

Testimony of Senator Tom Udall
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights
Hearing on “Taking Back Our Democracy: Responding to Citizens United and the Rise of Super PACs”
July 24, 2012

Good afternoon Chairman Durbin, Ranking Member Graham, and members of the Subcommittee.

Thank you for holding this important hearing.