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4 Years Later: Remember Massey Energy Mining Victims

Four years ago, one of the worst coal-mining accidents in U.S history occurred. 3:57PM on April 5th, 2010, in Raleigh County, West Virginia, the Massey Energy Upper Big Branch coal mine located in Montcoal exploded and killed 29 of the 31 miners on site.

The Supreme Court Just Gave You One More Reason to Join the Clean Elections Movement

In a recent article from Yes Magazine! Writer Fran Korten highlights the fact that now, more than ever, is reason to join in the movement to fight against the corporate take over democracy.

She writes,

Statement by FSFP President John Bonifaz On McCutcheon vs Fec Ruling




Breaking News: Supreme Court Issues McCutcheon Ruling

The Supreme Court has done it again. Today, a divided Supreme Court issued its ruling in the McCutcheon v. FEC case, striking down longstanding limits on how much money any one individual can pour into political campaigns across the country.

April Fools!

The Supreme Court has Ruled that "Gnomes Are People Too" citing the 2010 Citizens United court decision. Clipping of the article from the Daily News below.


April Fools!

Free Speech For People Goes To St. Louis

This week Free Speech For People's Legal Director Ron Fein traveled to St. Louis MO to join Take Back St. Louis as Legal Co-Counsel on behalf of their claim against Peabody Energy. On March 31st, St. Louis Circuit Judge Robert Dierker was set to rule on a permanent injunction, after granting a temporary restraining order earlier this year.

The Gospel of Citizens United: Hobby Lobby

A new report, The Gospel of Citizens United: In Hobby Lobby Corporation pray for the right to Deny Workers Contraceptions released by People For the American Way Senior Fellow, Jamie Raskin chronicles what's really at stake in the Hobby Lobby case:

New Partnership With Take Back St. Louis

[Image: Take Back St. Louis]

Update On Hobby Lobby From Inside The Supreme Court

On March 25th Free Speech For People's Legal Director Ron Fein sat in to hear legal arguments on the Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius Supreme Court Case in addition to the Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Supreme Court Case. Outside were hundreds of protesters from both sides eager to voice their divided opinions about the case.

[Photo: Emily Brandon]

The Hobby Lobby & Conestoga Wood Supreme Court Cases

Tomorrow, March 25th, the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments from both Hobby Lobby and Conestoga and will ultimately decide if corporations may assert the right of religious freedom, along with the “free speech right” to spend unlimited corporate money in our elections, as the Court ruled in the 2010 Citizens United case.