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"How corporations hijacked the First Amendment" great read from New Republic

"The co-opting of the First Amendment has happened slowly, but not at all by accident. First, it was helped along by questionable court decisions. Today, it is being accelerated by a strange alliance between two groups: a new generation of conservative judges, who have repudiated the judicial restraint their forebears prized, and legendary liberal lawyers, like Floyd Abrams and Laurence Tribe, who, after building their reputations as defenders of free speech, are using their talents to deploy it as a tool of corporate deregulation."


Jeff Clements Featured Speaker at MassVOTE Spring Fundraiser

On Wednesday, June 5th Jeff Clements, Free Speech for People co-founder and author of "Corporations Are Not People", will be the featured speaker at MassVOTE's annual spring fundraiser in Downtown Boston. Clements will be discussing how some of the largest corporations in the world organized to take over our government and Constitution, culminating in 2010 with the 5-4 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Chevron shareholders reject ban on political spending

An article from the Center for Public Integrity reports that Chevron Corp. shareholders recently rejected a resolution seeking to prohibit the company from using corporate funds for political activities. Chevron's statement reads: "Chevron’s participation in the political process is an important means of protecting the interests of the Company and its stockholders." Read the full story here.

The Other Scandal cited in The Nation: 'Primal Scream' for Reform: LA's 77 Percent Vote to Overturn 'Citizens United'

In light of the tremendous victory in Los Angeles, where 77% of voters chose 'Yes' to overturn Citizens United, The Nation Magazine cites our "The Other Scandal" http://TheOtherScandal.com/ campaign with Common Cause as an effort to expand the discussion on the real issue behind the IRS scandal: the lack of rules and regulations governing money in politics. Click for the full story.

Join FSFP and Common Cause in Taking Action Against The Other Scandal: Citizens United

Everyone agrees that the IRS screwed up --- but as Chris Hayes of MSNBC makes clear in this video, the real, underlying problem is that the Citizens United decision took our system of fair-play rules that kept tax-exempt groups out of our elections and "blew it out of the water." Watch this video and join us together with Common Cause to demand that Congress focus on the core problem: Citizens United!

What’s ‘Pro-Business’?

A new letter to the editor from our ally at the American Independent Business Alliance asks, "What's 'Pro' business" in light of a recent article from the New York Times that cites that the Citizens United ruling as benefiting American businesses. 

Los Angeles taking initiative to amend the Citizens United ruling!

Great to see another state taking initiative to amend the Citizens United ruling! When Angelenos go to the polls next week to choose the next mayor of Los Angeles, they also will become the largest electorate so far to vote on a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. The ballot measure, Prop.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes explains how the Citizens United ruling lead to the current IRS scandal

MSNBC's Chris Hayes explained this week how the Citizens United ruling lead to the current IRS scandal. Watch it in this clip courtesy of MSNBC.

New Hampshire Citizens Call on their State Senate to Permit Votes on Resolutions

Free Speech For People helped organize this event today in Concord, New Hampshire, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coalition for Open Democracy.

Court says corporations have constitutional right not to tell workers of their right to form unions.

In the latest move by corporations to claim constitutional rights that properly belong only to actual, living, breathing people,

"A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a National Labor Relations Board rule requiring most private sector employers to post a notice informing employees of their right to unionize."

...according to an article in Wednesday's New York Times, which goes on to note that: