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Court says corporations have constitutional right not to tell workers of their right to form unions.

In the latest move by corporations to claim constitutional rights that properly belong only to actual, living, breathing people,

"A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a National Labor Relations Board rule requiring most private sector employers to post a notice informing employees of their right to unionize."

...according to an article in Wednesday's New York Times, which goes on to note that:

NY Times: "Corporations Find a Friend in the Supreme Court."

The Sunday New York Times has a great write-up on a new study showng a pervasive pro-corporate bias on the part of the Roberts Court.

Here's a brief excerpt:

Corporations Find a Friend in the Supreme Court

By Adam Liptak, May 4th, 2013

Yale Law School Dean Argues Against Corporate Participation in Political Campaigns

William Locke 

Harvard Crimson 

Friday, May 3

John Nichols: "As Maine Goes... A Bipartisan Call to Overturn Citizens United"

 John Nichols has a terrific write-up in The Nation today on our win yesterday in Maine, posted in its entirety (by permission) below.

As Maine Goes... A Bipartisan Call to Overturn Citizens United

by John Nichols on May 1, 2013 - 2:15 PM ET

Republicans Join Democrats as Maine Legislature Votes to Overturn Citizens United and Get Big Money Out of Politics

AUGUSTA, ME – Noting that “the current legal landscape severely constrains the range of options available to citizens, frustrating efforts to reduce the influence of moneyed interest in elections and in government," a resolution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision was passed today by both the Maine State House and State Senate.

NYT reports on potential breakthrough on corporate political spending

The New York Times' lead story today reports on a potentially huge breakthrough in the quest for corporations to be accountable to their own shareholders for their political spending, and for that spending to be made public.

Key excerpts are below.

S.E.C. Gets Plea: Force Companies to Disclose Donations

Published: April 23, 2013

Free Speech For People statement on the passing of Rev. Bob Edgar

All of us at Free Speech For People are deeply shocked and saddened by the news today of Rev. Bob Edgar’s passing. Bob lived his life with honor and integrity. As the president of Common Cause since 2007, he was a champion for the cause of democracy here at home. He worked tirelessly to see that this nation lives up to its basic ideals. He was an American hero and will be sorely missed by all of those here and around the world whose lives he touched. Our thoughts are with him and his family and all at Common Cause during this difficult time.  

Californians could vote on overturning Citizens United

There is an effort underway to give every Californian a chance to vote on a ballot question calling for a U.S. constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling.

Although the California Legislature has already passed a resolution calling for such an amendment, now a bill being considered in the legislature would give every California voter the chance to make their voice heard on this key issue, which is central to restoring American democracy to the people.

New Hampshire State Senate using "Washington-style tactics" to block consideration of bill passed by State House

New Hampshire's State House approved HCR 2, a resolution calling for a cosntitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, with overwhelming, bi-partisan support last month.