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Petition signatures delivered in Olympia to kick off the campaign for a resolution in Washington State

Yesterday in Olympia, WA, we joined with a coalition of Washington State groups to deliver roughly 12,000 petition signatures, calling for a constitutoinal amendment to overtun Citizens United, to State Senator Adam Kline. Oske Buckley and Arielle Davis from Free Speech For People's staff participated, and Oske spoke at the delivery event.

Wall Street Journal: Ex-Massey Mine Official Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison

For the past year and a half, we've been calling for Massey Energy to lose its corporate charter for its criminal responsibility in the deaths of 29 coal miners when its Upper Big Branch mine in West Vriginia exploded in 2010. The company has paid fines admitting criminal liability in their deaths.

This weekend, Citizens United anniversary and MLK memorial events around the country. Find one near you: MoneyOut-VotersIn.org

This weekend is both the 3rd anniversary of the Citizens United decision and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We're working with a broad coalition of reform and civil rights organizations to sponsor memorial events highlighting the ongoing threats to our democracy both from big money and from organized voter suppression efforts.

We encourage you to find an event near you, and come to it: http://www.MoneyOut-VotersIn.org/

MassLive previews our forthcoming campaign on corporate charter reform

MassLive has an article that discusses in detail our forthcoming campaign to reform state corporate charter laws. Here's an excerpt, below.

Citizens United opponent 'Free Speech for People' wants states to ban companies from political expenditures
By Shira Schoenberg, Political Correspondent
on January 15, 2013 at 4:22 PM Print

Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher criticizes Citizens United decision (CNN Money)

CNN Money, an online outlet from CNN, Fortune, and Money, has a piece on Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher. Asked "How are you feeling about the political system these days?", Kelleher leads off with well-placed criticism of Citizens United:

Jeff Clements at Orion magazine blog: "Louder Than a Dollar"

Our co-founder and President, Jeff Clements, wrote the following on Orion magazine's blog, including a touching tribute to the recently deceased Executive Director at the Rainforest Action Network, Becky Tarbotton.

Louder Than a Dollar
January 11, 2013, by Jeff Clements

Here’s a number from the November elections: 0.5.

That’s not a victory margin; it’s a measure of how bad things have gotten in our democracy.

Calling on President Obama to support a Constitutional Amendment in his State of the Union address.

We've just launched a petition on the White House's official petition site asking President Obama to include a call for a constitutional amendment in his State of the Union address, which is coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Click here to sign the petition: http://wh.gov/P9j7

Here's the language:

We petition the Obama administration to:

Use the State of the Union to call for a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

Using a corporate "person" to qualify for the carpool lane.

Here's a novel twist on the notion that corporations are people: a man in California is arguing in court that corporate papers in his car should count as a human passenger, qualifying him to drive in the carpool lane.

U.S. News / NBC News has the story. Here's an excerpt:

California man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers

By Isolde Raftery, NBC News

State Comptroller Sues Qualcomm for Data on Its Political Contributions

Nicholas Confessore

New York Times

January 3, 2013


The New York State comptroller, seeking to force greater public disclosure of corporate political spending, has sued Qualcomm, demanding to view internal records of political expenditures by the company, one of the country’s largest makers of computer chips for mobile devices.

John Bonifaz: The Face of Democracy 2013

Joanne Boyer

Wisdom Voices

January 1, 2013