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New Hampshire State House to Congress: Overturn Citizens United And Get Big Money Out of Politics


CONCORD, NH. –On Wednesday, by a bipartisan vote of 189-139, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on Congress to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United by amending the U.S. Constitution to make clear that corporations are not people with constitutional rights (HCR 2).

Democracy Subverted Again: Tobacco Companies Strike Down Public Interest Law By Claiming Corporate First Amendment Rights

Here's an illustration of how the fabricated claim that corporations have constitutional rights, which was at the core of the Citizens United decision, really hits home. The tobacco industry recently won a court ruling that graphic warnings on cigarette packages violate the cigarette manufacturing corporations' "free speech" rights.

The Nation: 'Organizing for Action' or 'Charging for Access'?

The Nation has a thoughtful opinion piece by Katrina vanden Heuvel on Organizing For Action, the new 501(c)(4) entity headed by former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina.

It quotes our co-founder and Executive Director, John Bonifaz. Here it is, below.

'Organizing for Action' or 'Charging for Access'?

Katrina vanden Heuvel on March 7, 2013 - 5:58 PM ET

What are we to make of Organizing for Action?

Overturning Citizens United: Is a Constitutional Amendment the Best Path to Limit Dark Money?


John Bonifaz, executive director and co-founder of Free Speech For People, joined Democracy Now for a debate with Mark Schmitt, a senior fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, to discuss whether the push for a constitutional amendment is the best path to overturning Citizens United


Washington State House to Congress: Get Big Money Out of Politics

Update: This was a bi-partisan vote, with Republican Rep. Jan Angell joining Democrats in approving the resolution. 

For Immediate Release
March 8, 2013

In bipartisan vote, Montana Senate calls for an amendment

On February 27th, the Montana State Senate voted to approve State Senate Joint Resolution 19, "encouraging Montana's elected and appointed state and federal officials to work to amend the constitution... to overturn... Citizens United...". Eight Republican State Senators (Ron Arthun, Edward Buttrey, Jennifer Fielder, Llew Jones, Alan Olson, Scott Sales, Bruce Tutvedt, and Chas Vincent) joined Democrats in supporting the measure.

The New York Times: The White House Joins the Cash Grab

The New York Times


March 2, 2013 

It is tempting to applaud the nonprofit group now spending nearly $100,000 on ads to pressure Republican lawmakers to accept gun-control measures. The group is fighting a well-financed and powerful corporate gun lobby that has never hesitated to spend millions to get its way in Congress.

From The Nation: The Election Reform Moment?

The Nation 

John Nichols

This article appeared in the February 18, 2013 edition of The Nation.


Supreme Court lets ban stand on direct corporate campaign donations

The Washington Post 

Robert Barnes 

February 25, 2013 

The Supreme Court on Monday decided against reviewing the century-old ban on corporations making direct contributions to federal candidates.

The court without comment declined to hear an appeal from two men who said the court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts on elections, must also nullify the ban on campaign contributions.