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Vermont Senate calls for Amendment to overturn Citizens United.

The Vermont state Senate voted on Wednesday to call for a Constitutional Amendment saying that corporations are not people.

The vote was 26-3, and included support from five of the state Senate's eight Republican members.

The Vermont state House is expected to vote shortly.

We congratulate and thank our friends at Public Citizen and Move to Amend for leading this effort in Vermont.

Northampton City Council Weighs Amendment Resolution

Northampton City Council to debate corporate 'personhood'

Bob Dunn


April 12, 2012

New video at GetTheDoughOut.org

Our friends at Ben & Jerry's have just recorded a new, short video to introduce GetTheDoughOut.org, the website of our partnership with them and Business For Democracy.

We're delighted with it. Check it out at: http://GetTheDoughOut.org

The Salt Lake Tribune: Efforts broaden to overturn Citizens United court case on super PACs

Twelve attorneys general urge Congress to amend the Constitution.

By Cathy Mckitrick, April 5, 2012


"several organizations have sprung up around the country - among them Move to Amend and Free Speech for People - opposing the notion that corporations are people and money is speech.

"This letter marks an important milestone in the movement to reclaim our democracy," Free Speech for People’s executive director John Bonifaz said in a statement.

11 State Attorneys General Submit Letter of Support for Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United Decision

Concerned about unlimited contributions by corporations for political advertising, [Masschusetts] Attorney General Martha Coakley has submitted a formal letter to Congress urging an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to reverse the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.  The letter sent Wednesday to Congressional leadership was signed by AG Coakley and 10 other state Attorneys General. 

Super Pacs, donors turn sights on judicial branch

Brady Dennis

Washington Post

March 29, 2012

California's Assembly votes to support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

State lawmakers are wading into the ongoing battle over corporate money in politics.

The California Assembly passed a resolution Thursday calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 Citizens United decision, which held that corporations can spend unlimited sums to influence elections.

(See the full article here.)


Jeff Clements Talks with The Nation: How Can We Defeat 'Citizens United'?


Yes! Magazine covers our call to revoke the corporate charter of Massey Energy

"A second tool to discipline corporate wrongdoers is charter revocation.... State governments have the right to revoke charters from companies that do not serve the public interest. Free Speech for People has petitioned Delaware to revoke the charter of Massey Energy. Charter revocation effectively constitutes the death penalty for a corporation. Even occasional use against large corporations would be a major deterrent to corporate wrongdoing."