Day: December 16, 2014

63,000 Strikes And You’re Out? Not If You’re A Global Corporation In Delaware, Explains Jeff Clements To Huffington Post

Over a decade before the Big Branch mine explosion, Massey Energy had committed more than 63,000 violations of mine safety laws, and violated the federal Clean Water Act 13,000 times. Three years after the explosion, CEO Don Blankenship was indicted, but Massey still operates in Delaware.

Free Speech For People’s Jeff Clements writes to the Huffington Post on the case.
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2014: A Year Of Milestones and Progress To Reclaim Democracy

As we prepare for the beginnings of a new year, we look back on this year’s progress and our many achievements. With your help, we have reached many milestones in our work to overturn Citizens United and reclaim our democracy. To show your support, we urge you to donate to our end of year campaign, here. 
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