Day: March 1, 2018

Register Here for a National Conference Call on Inclusivity and Intersectionality in the Pro-Democracy Movement

Come join our free national video call to discuss the importance of using an intersectional lens within the Pro-Democracy and Amendment Movements.   The goal of these webinars is to give activists who are involved in passing the 28th amendment, or who are involved more broadly in democracy reform, tools to make our movement more intersectional
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After Pentagon Stonewalls FOIA Requests for Information on Trump’s Proposed Military Parade, Free Speech For People Files New FOIA Requests to the District of Columbia

Today, Free Speech For People submitted six requests to agencies of the District of Columbia government, under D.C.’s municipal Freedom of Information Act, requesting release of documents and communications regarding President Trump’s proposed military parade through Washington, D.C. These requests seek information regarding topics such as costs, estimated budgets, parade routes, vehicles, hardware, weapons, aircraft,
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