Day: January 31, 2019

New Bills Would Abolish Super PACS and End Foreign Corporate Money in MA Elections

State Legislators Seek to Protect the Integrity of Elections in Massachusetts State legislators have introduced two bills in both houses of the Massachusetts state legislature to abolish super PACs and to prohibit spending by foreign-influenced corporations in Massachusetts elections. One bill, which Senator Jo Comerford and Senator Mark Montigny are co-sponsoring in the Senate as
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Free Speech For People Joins National Impeachment Summit

Earlier this week, Free Speech For People joined Need to Impeach for a critical two-day Impeachment Summit. The Summit featured a panel by Free Speech for People legal experts, a press conference, activist trainings, and an advocacy day. On Monday, our legal experts addressed over 250 activists from around the country on the 10 legal
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New Resources on Impeachment from Free Speech For People for Members of Congress

On January 29, 2019, Free Speech For People joined Need to Impeach and activists from across the country to deliver new resources to members of Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against the President for his continued lawlessness and ever-increasing egregious abuses of power. The day of action concluded a three-day Impeachment Summit gathering organizers
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