1. Sign our joint petition with Represent.Us.

The fact of the matter is, the only way we’re going to overturn Citizens United and end the problem of bribery in our political system is by teaming up with other organizations and individuals and put our strengths together. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Represent.Us in support of the American Anti-Corruption act, along with our Amendment Campaign. Sign on with us today.

2. Attend an event on the anniversary!

Our friends at Public Citizen have made it easy for you to see events happening nationwide and how to get involved.

3. Watch This New Short Video About Citizens United

Learn how Citizens United has affected democracy over the past four years and then share the video with a friend.

4. Join Demos and MoveOn for a virtual teach-in!

Attend a live webinar January 21st at 8PM ET and learn how to fight back.

5. Walk in the NH Rebellion!

Since January 11th, thousands of people from across the nation have joined together in New Hampshire for a 185 mile walk to protest against corruption in politics. On the anniversary of Citizens United, they will be in Concord. Learn more: http://www.nhrebellion.org/

6. Read and Share This New Op-Ed

Our new Legal Director, Ron Fein, recently wrote a powerful op-ed Four years later, Citizens United is about more than money in politics, that has appeared in dozens of newspapers nationwide.

7. Write a letter to your local editor.

We’ve provided an opening for your letter and some easy talking points here. Of course, your own words are even better. Click here to start.

8. Write and call your senators about passing an amendment.

Click here to get the information based on your state.

Know about an event we missed? Let us know by tweeting at us at @FSFP