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Whether or not you’re following the 2016 presidential race, the dominating force of money in our elections is hard to miss. It doesn’t matter what political affiliation you may have. When it comes to reclaiming a government for ‘we the people’, we are a united front.

Free Speech For People recently launched as an interactive blog to share the thoughts of more than 150 Republican officials, prominent at the federal and state level, who oppose Citizens United. Ensuring a democracy that works for every American demands real solutions from both sides of the aisle. That’s why we are helping to lift up the voices of people across the political spectrum who are speaking out against Citizens United and who support a constitutional amendment to overturn it.

Last fall, we brought you an updated version of our Across the Aisle report which highlighted more than 100 Republican officials calling for a 28th Amendment to reclaim our democracy. We encourage you to check in often for updates on our new blog.