Free Speech For People joined United For Democracy, a coalition of 140+ national organizations outside the Supreme Court, to call out extreme corruption and demand accountability. 

Speaking at the rally, Alexandra cast a spotlight on the current crisis of American democracy:

The United States Supreme Court, our highest judicial institution, is mired in corruption and undue influence. 

At least two justices are effectively on the billionaire payroll, having accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not more) in financial benefits. Billionaires like Harlan Crow and Federalist Society co-chair Leonard Leo wield substantial power, shaping a right-wing majority that prioritizes corporate and other big-money interests over constitutional mandates. 

The Court currently includes justices chosen despite public and credible allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. 

Despite clear conflicts of interest, at least two justices have refused to recuse themselves from cases related to the January 6th insurrection. The spouse of one of those justices was directly involved in the “Stop the Steal” movement to try to overturn the 2020 presidential election, which fueled the insurrection. The other justice has allowed insurrectionist and Christian nationalist flags, both of which have been adopted as symbols of the January 6 insurrection, to be flown outside his homes. These actions have exposed political allegiances and support for the January 6th insurrection, violating the code of ethics and the expectation that the Supreme Court remains an impartial body to uphold the Constitution and American democracy.

Watch her full speech here:

Free Speech For People’s SCOTUS Reform Now campaign calls for a multi-pronged approach to restore the Court’s balance and legitimacy:

  • Investigate Corruption: Free Speech For People demands the Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena right-wing billionaire Harlan Crow and enforce the existing subpoena against Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society. A full investigation into corruption at the Supreme Court is necessary.
  • Hold Justices Accountable: The campaign urges the House Judiciary Committee to initiate impeachment proceedings against Justice Thomas for alleged abuses of power; against Justice Kavanaugh regarding sexual misconduct allegations, perjury, and conspiracy to obstruct congressional proceedings; and against Justice Alito for bringing disrepute on the Supreme Court and for refusing to recuse himself from cases related to the January 6th insurrection despite clear evidence and appearance of bias.
  • Expand the Court: To restore balance and ensure the rights of the American people, Congress should pass the Judiciary Act, adding four seats to the Supreme Court.
  • Enforce Ethical Standards: Congress must pass The Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency (SCERT) Act and The Judicial Ethics Enforcement Act of 2024. These bills would establish a code of conduct for justices, improve disclosure, create an Office of Inspector General, and ban substantial gifts to justices.

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