Free Speech For People Chair of the Board and co-author of The Constitution Demands It sat down with Alex Witt on her MSNBC program, Weekends with Alex Witt, to discuss our new book, as well as a number of the Trump administration’s constitutional violations.

Witt began her interview by highlighting potential campaign violations by the Trump campaign following a recent interview in which Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, argued that Trump’s legal team – which included Jared Kushner and Trump Jr. –  was not aware of the nationality and ties to Putin of a Russian lawyer with whom they held a meeting. The President further denies knowledge of the meeting. Clements commented on the campaign’s acts of conspiracy and violation of campaign finance laws, “The point of the meeting was part of the Russian government’s effort to support and assist Donald Trump in the campaign. Rudy Giuliani has just been reduced to lying on national television to try and avoid the obvious conclusion that that meeting did in fact constitute a conspiracy against the United States and to violate campaign finance laws.”

In addition, Witt and Clements discussed Trump’s repeated acts of obstruction of justice, with Clements noting, “…The evidence of obstruction that’s been going on throughout this presidency on a near daily basis is out there.”

Turning to a discussion of our book and impeachment, Witt raised the question of whether impeachment needs to happen now. Clements asserted,

“We are at a time in our country where politicians on both sides – Democrats and Republicans – need to put country above party and politics. They really need to stand up for the Constitution. We’re not dealing here with just political issues, we’re dealing with a threat to our Constitutional democracy that we really haven’t seen, at least not in modern times. Donald Trump is exactly the kind of president that the framers had in mind when they gave us an impeachment power. Congress needs to begin an impeachment investigation now. There is no need to wait for the Mueller investigation to conclude – he is conducting a criminal investigation that overlaps in some small respects with the grounds in our book… but more importantly impeachment is a very different process and a very different standard than a criminal investigation.”

Watch the interview here at MSNBC and click here to purchase The Constitution Demands It.