Cross-posted with permission from Melville House Books.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag: next month, we’ll be publishing The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump, by John BonifazBen Clements, and Ron Fein, with a foreword by The Nation’s John Nichols.

The three authors—all veteran constitutional attorneys united through their work with Free Speech For People—lay out, in clear language guided by compelling logic, the precise case for impeaching Donald Trump. They explain exactly why now is the time to start, lay out the legal and factual basis for an impeachment proceeding, and demonstrate that Trump’s is exactly the sort of case for which impeachment is the Constitution’s remedy.

Impeachment, they explain, is not a constitutional crisis. Impeachment is the cure for a constitutional crisis.

Bonifaz, Clements, and Fein shared news of the forthcoming book in a public event yesterday, at which they were joined by activist and Need To Impeachfounder Tom Steyer, as well as author and law professor Jennifer Taub.

To telegraph the urgency of the current situation to all Americans, and to put the Trump crowd squarely on notice, we’re working to gather enough pre-sales for the book to debut on the New York Times Best Sellers list. We’re off to a solid start so far — and you can do your part right here.

The panel addressed questions including whether impeachment is just another partisan tool, why now is the time to start, and exactly what impeachment charges Trump should face. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t, because we have no time to waste, and nine of ’em — but the panelists say it with far greater eloquence and considerably fuller detail.)

It was an event not to be missed — and luckily, in case you missed it, we’ve got the video right here. Screw your civic courage to the sticking place, and buckle up: