We have some BIG news to report! Yesterday, was a really big deal for democracy in America. In states and cities from Maine to Seattle, citizens banded together to organize voters in their communities to pass initiatives that will reclaim our elections for “we the people.”

We celebrate these victories and commend our partners and allies across the country who played an integral role in the effort to #FightBigMoney. Here is a recap:

  • In Maine, voters approved Question 1 to require transparency of outside spenders, toughen penalties on special interests who break the law, and to revitalize the state’s landmark Clean Elections program in the post-Citizens United era. On the victory, our President, John Bonifaz shared these remarks:

“Thank you to the voters of Maine and Seattle for standing up to defend our democracy,” said John Bonifaz, the president of Free Speech For People.  “Yesterday’s victories for public funding of our elections mark important steps forward for ending the big money dominance of our politics and for restoring the promise of American self-government: of, by, and for the people.”

  • In Seattle, voters passed the nation’s first “Democracy Voucher” system of citizen-funded elections, an exciting new approach that enables voters to directly finance the campaigns of candidates who say no to large donations. The measure also blocks major lobbyists and government contractors from buying influence in elections.
  • In San Francisco, Proposition C was easily adopted to tighten ethics and lobbying rules and rein in “Astroturf” lobbying by special interest groups seeking to hide their true identity.

Free Speech For People is proud to stand alongside our partners in the movement to reclaim a democracy of, by, and for the people.  To carry this momentum into the 2016 Election, we are calling on Presidential hopefuls to sign onto our #FightBigMoney agenda, a nonpartisan package of principles and policies for a government by the people – not big campaign donors.

We need your support, so please add your name today.