The Supreme Court has done it again. Today, a divided Supreme Court issued its ruling in the McCutcheon v. FEC case, striking down longstanding limits on how much money any one individual can pour into political campaigns across the country.

While the 2010 Citizens United case allowed corporations to make unlimited campaign expenditures to influence our elections, McCutcheon will now enable the wealthy few to give even more money directly to candidates running for federal office. What this essentially means is that now these aggregate contribution caps on campaign donations are gone, caput. A government ruled by the wealthy few is not the way democracy was intended to be.

FSFP Co-Founder and President John Bonifaz had this to say about the decision: “Today’s Supreme Court ruling will only further fuel the fast-growing movement in this country for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Court and reclaim our democracy.”

More updates on the case to come. Below are two ways to take action today to get involved.

Please attend one of the 140+ Rapid Response events planned across the U.S today in light of the ruling. Find out more here.

Click here to tell your elected official that there’s already enough big money in politics!