Free Speech For People Senior Advisor on Election Security Susan Greenhalgh and Coalition for Good Governance Executive Director Marilyn Marks recently presented at a briefing on the multistate plot by Trump operatives to access and copy voting system software. The briefing was titled, “Why did Trump Operatives Copy Voting Systems Software and What Will They Do With it?”

“It has been incredibly hard work over the last year and a half where we have bit by bit uncovered evidence of this trail that goes from the White House down to Coffee County, Georgia, where all of the Georgia software was taken and copied in an unauthorized manner. This was the largest voting system breach in U.S. history,” said Marks.

The Coalition for Good Governance uncovered, through its civil litigation, evidence showing that the Trump campaign funded and directed a multistate plan to copy and covertly distribute images of voting system software to support efforts to overturn elections. Prior to this discovery, there was no criminal investigation into the software breach in Georgia, and there was no public evidence tying the Trump campaign to efforts to access voting software. 

Tracking these developments closely, Free Speech For People found that this matter was being overlooked by federal investigators. In December 2022, Free Speech For People organized a coalition of security and election advocates and experts in a letter to the Department of Justice, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation outlining this multistate plot by Trump operatives and the potential federal crimes and  links to attempts to overturn the 2020 election. The letter also summarized the cybersecurity risks associated with the software theft and called for a federal probe into the matter.

The FBI’s response to the letter did not signal a national investigation was underway. 

After reviewing testimony from the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, Free Speech For People unearthed evidence linking former president Trump to the illegal multistate plot. The evidence was detailed in a follow up letter to federal investigators and reiterated the call for a federal probe.

“After pouring through [the January 6th Committee deposition] transcripts, it became clear that this plot to access voting machines in Coffee County was actually discussed in the Oval Office with Donald Trump,” said Greenhalgh. In addition to the well-known, and unexecuted plan to seize voting machines using the Department of Defense, Greenhalgh explained, “there was a second plan which was to get access to voting machines through complicit election officials and that’s where we start to see the through-line from the White House directly down to Coffee County.”

Watch the entire briefing here

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