Businesses Can Now Legally Pressure Workers on Political Issues?

By Michael J. Wilson, National director of Americans for Democratic Action

Suppose your boss held a meeting at work and told you and your fellow employees, “We need you to vote for John McCain for President because Barack Obama isn’t good for us.”

1) Say, “What do you mean by ‘us’?”
2) Snap to attention, salute smartly, and shout, “Yes Boss!”
3) Say “Isn’t this against the law? I want to consult my attorney.”
4) Say, “Does this mean that I have to quit canvassing for Obama?”
5) Pull a Norma Rae

While all of these answers are appropriate, depending on your perspective (we especially like #1 and #5), #3 is problematic. That is because it is one of the most overlooked, but highly possible results of the Citizens United decision that overturned the federal law restricting corporate expenditures on political campaigns.

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