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Brian Howard


If you don’t think corporations are people, now’s the time to complain.

At this point in the campaign season, we’ve all heard the term “Citizens United” at least a bajillion or so times. “Citizens United led to superPACs … ” this and “Thanks to Citizens United … ” that. Such a pleasant little name for a truly insidious concept—that corporations have the same rights to free speech as you and me, even if said speech is expressed in millions of dollars of political advertising.

Hell, if you weren’t paying attantion, you’d think “Citizens United” was a good thing. If we’ve learned nothing else in the last year, united citizens are certainly capable of great things, whether said united citizenry be in Tunisia, Tahrir Square or skirting City Hall. Who’s against small-c citizens, small-u united?

But capital-C, capital-U Citizens United, the deep-pocketed political organization that produced the 2008 smear piece Hillary: The Movie (and whose forthcoming Spring 2012 Occupy Unmasked looks equally fair and balanced), is something else entirely. The organization, depending on your bent, is either a conservative travesty or, well, the place where you can order Mike Huckabee’s The Gift of Life on DVD.

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