On November 7, 2014, in partnership with Harvard Law School and Harvard Law Professor John Coates, a leading corporate law expert in the country, we convened our first symposium, entitled “Advancing a New Jurisprudence for American Self-Government and Democracy.” We brought together prominent constitutional law professors and attorneys interested in creating new scholarship and legal arguments challenging the doctrines underlying the Citizens United, McCutcheon, and Buckley rulings.  The symposium included welcoming remarks by Harvard Law Dean Martha Minow, a public keynote by Senator Jon Tester of Montana

The symposium was followed by a special publication of key papers in Constitutional Commentary, the most prestigious law journal focusing on constitutional law, for the issue, ‘Money, Politics, Corporations & The Constitution,’ and now serves as an important vehicle for educating the legal community and the public at large about the threat these doctrines present to our democracy and the work we must do to overturn them.

Click below to download the chapters of ‘Money, Politics, Corporations & The Constitution’ featured in the Summer 2015 publication of Constitutional Commentary.