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Free Speech For People joined with Greenpeace on the report, Contaminating the Courts: The Corporate Campaign to Misuse the Constitution to Attack the Environment, to challenge corporations claiming constitutional rights to avoid accountability under the law. With this report, Greenpeace and Free Speech For People trace the history of the coordinated corporate strategy to distort constitutional rights into tools to thwart environmental and consumer protections, including recent attempts by Exxon Mobil to claim free speech rights following the uncovering of decades of misleading statements by the company regarding the impact of fossil fuels on climate change.

Corporations are trying to use concepts that were intended to protect vulnerable, marginalized individuals and groups in the service of legal entities that wield incredible power and wealth. Free Speech For People and Greenpeace are fighting back against attempts by corporations to misuse the Constitution to undermine important health and environmental protections.

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Challenging Corporate Personhood

Free Speech For People is working to challenge the corporate campaign to misuse the Constitution. The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC granted corporations the same constitutional rights as people. With this decision, corporations have increasingly threatened and sought to defeat public interest laws which regulate the quality of air we breathe, the safety of the water we drink, and any number of additional environmental protections.

To challenge the fabricated doctrine of corporate constitutional rights, Free Speech For People has worked, since our founding, to pass a 28th amendment to the Constitution to get big money out of politics and affirm that Constitutional rights are for people, not corporations.

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The Democracy Amendments

Our legal challenges to corporate constitutional rights

Our campaign against Exxon Mobil’s claim of corporate constitutional rights

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