Financial Fraud Law

Steven Meyerowitz

April 26, 2012

A few months ago, concerns about corruption led the Montana Supreme Court to reject the Citizens United ruling in a case dealing with Montana’s century-old ban on corporate political expenditures.  In that case, the Montana Supreme Court upheld Montana’s 1912 Corrupt Practices Act in American Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. Bullock.

Now, a coalition that includes two national business networks and a local Montana business has filed a brief before the United States Supreme Court urging it to revisit and reverse its ruling in Citizens United.
The coalition is led by Free Speech For People, a national campaign to overturn Citizens United. Other signatories to the brief include the American Sustainable Business Council, representing a network of more than 100,000 businesses across the country; the American Independent Business Alliance, based in Bozeman, Montana; and Mike’s Thriftway, a supermarket business in Chester, Montana.

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