New evidence reveals that Exxon knew for decades that the burning of fossil fuels would cause climate change1, resulting in a devastating impact on our global environment. Yet, for decades, the company hid that evidence from the public and its investors.  As environmental leader Bill McKibben says, “this could be the largest corporate scandal in history.”

Now Exxon is rushing to court, claiming the protection of the First Amendment to try to block investigations by state attorneys general into whether the oil and gas giant has committed fraud in marketing its fossil fuels2.

But free speech rights are for people, not artificial creatures of the state.  The ongoing state investigations present a crucial test for the basic principles of Exxon Petition HeaderAmerican self-government.

Do we the people rule or do corporations now rule us? In our democracy, people shall govern over corporations, not the other way around.

Free Speech For People is taking action to stand up against Exxon and the fiction of corporate claims of constitutional rights.

Join us in sending a message to Exxon: stop misusing the First Amendment to try to hide from accountability under the law.


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2. New York Times