Photo Credit: Michael Conroy

Here is our field-tested, reusable curriculum that uses contemporary art to teach about money in politics and corporate personhood, the Supreme Court cases that have led us to this point, and the case for a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United and related court decisions. 

 Facilitator’s Guide to Art + Money in Politics and Corporate Rights Curriculum

The curriculum, which was created by Free Speech For People in partnership with American Promise, uses an art piece by Boston-based artist Michael Conroy to orient a discussion of money in politics, key Supreme Court decisions that have created the current legal framework, and the case for a constitutional amendment.

The guide provides legal history around the expansion of corporate constitutional rights and breaks down cases like Buckley v. Valeo and Citizens United. It then provides additional resources and infographics to highlight the policy implications money in politics and corporate constitutional rights have on everyday people, particularly people marginalized by systems of oppression. Finally, the facilitator’s guide gives reasons as to why a constitutional amendment is the best approach to address the issues of money in politics and corporate constitutional rights. We hope you find it helpful.

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