An exciting convergence of local and national leaders in the movement for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United will gather in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 18 and 19. Together, the people of Arkansas are banding together in support of a a ballot initiative calling for a 28th amendment to end the big money dominance of our democracy. The Arkansas State Attorney General is currently reviewing the final text for the initiative, which will restore power to the people in the Natural State to end the big money dominance of our democracy.

Free Speech For People Co-Founder, John Bonifaz and Paul Spencer of Regnat Populus in Arkansas, co-wrote a piece, featured in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The op-ed highlights the crisis of our democracy and puts forth a constitutional amendment as a long-term solution to overturn Citizens United.

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On Monday, May 18 a free performance of “Go Granny D!” will take place at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Little Rock, followed by a conversation with John Bonifaz and others on how to reclaim our democracy. For more details, click here.