It’s profoundly reassuring to see that the distinguished Standards Working Group at the University of California at Berkeley’s Center for Security in Politics arrived at the same conclusion as countless other accomplished and esteemed computer and election security experts – that “technology is still too limited, and the security risks too great to establish responsible standards for voting via the internet at this time.” The message is clear – Internet voting cannot be made adequately secure for public government elections and we should not be casting ballots over the Internet.

Though this study group was funded in part by Bradley Tusk, to support his aggressive push for Internet voting, the findings affirm that scientific conclusions cannot and should not be influenced by funding sources. 

In his efforts to promote and develop an Internet Voting project, Bradley Tusk has stated he would adopt whatever security recommendations come out of the Berkeley Standards Working Group. We challenge him to keep his word and follow the recommendations of the Standards Working Group, accepting the fact that Internet voting cannot be responsibly used in public governmental elections at this time.