Today, Free Speech For People submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Defense, calling for the urgent release of communications, documents, and other records regarding President Trump’s proposed military parade through Washington, D.C.

As reported in the Washington Post on February 6, while President Trump has long expressed a desire for a grand military parade, on January 18, he gave a directive to the military and planning has now moved to a more concrete preparation stage. Planning now reportedly includes consideration of potential parade routes (with the president’s preferred option reportedly passing directly past the Trump International Hotel), particular hardware (including Abrams tanks), costs, and dates. While the article mentions a range of dates, the parade could be as soon as May 28.

Free Speech For People’s request seeks expedited review under the Freedom of Information Act for all Department of Defense records pertaining to or addressing the idea of a potential military parade in Washington, D.C., including communications, notes, or documents, addressing the parade and topics such as dates, costs, parade routes, vehicles, hardware, weapons, aircraft, units, equipment, materiel, and/or personnel.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Department of Defense must grant or deny the request for expedited processing within ten working days, and must grant or deny the underlying request for records within twenty working days.