After a half-century of legal precedent, a handful of extremist Supreme Court justices have overturned Roe v. Wade, denying bodily autonomy for millions of Americans.

Meanwhile, the Court also dealt a crushing blow to gun control measures yesterday when it overturned a law in New York that would have required a permit for concealed carry, arguing that bearing arms in public constituted “self defense.” This is just weeks after 19 children and two teachers were massacred in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and after 10 Black citizens were murdered by a white supremacist at a grocery store in Buffalo.

The Supreme Court, in its current state, has no interest in upholding the Constitution or the will of the people. The years-long machinations of conservative activists and legislators and their corporate-backed cronies have brought us to this dark place, placing our democracy on the brink of disaster. Congress must pass the Judiciary Act, which would add four seats to the Supreme Court and block the far-right ideologues ripping apart our country.

Sign if you agree: To restore the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, protect our democracy, and secure the rights of the American people, Congress must pass the Judiciary Act and expand the Supreme Court.

It is not constitutionally mandated that there be nine justices on the Supreme Court. Congress has changed the number of justices before. It can do so again, and it must do so now. Expanding the Court will bring us back to solid ground, safeguarding our nation by adding to the bench nonpartisan justices who believe in America’s core values.

Sign the petition: Congress must pass the Judiciary Act and expand the Supreme Court.