Today we have woken up to a new political reality – a reality which presents a critical moment in our fight to reclaim our democracy – a reality that shows us, in stark terms, the urgency of our mission to reclaim our democracy for we, the people.

In the wake of the most expensive election in US history, Americans across the political spectrum have made it clear that they are ready for change. More than ever before, we understand that big money interests are drowning out the voices of ordinary citizens and that our democracy is in crisis.

In the face of this new political reality, Free Speech For People will continue to fight to defend our Republic. And this is a fight we can win – together.

Free Speech For People is at the forefront of the movement to seize this moment and create fundamental change to restore democracy to the people. We are leading the fight in the courts to overturn campaign finance rulings which have threatened the integrity of our elections rulings which a majority of the Supreme Court Justices may be ready to revisit. Regardless of who fills the vacant ninth seat on the nation’s highest court, our legal advocacy strategy, formulated when Justice Antonin Scalia still sat on the Court, offers a path forward to achieve real progress, chip away at the foundations of Citizens United now, and lay building blocks for a future Court to overturn Citizens United itself. (For additional information on our Supreme Court strategy, please click here.)

We are also continuing to help lead the growing national movement for a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution to end the big money influence over our elections and the fiction of corporations being treated as people with constitutional rights – a movement which saw two victories in yesterday’s elections. In partnership with our allies, and thanks to the support of people like you, both California and Washington State passed ballot measures calling for a constitutional amendment. That takes the total up to 18 states!

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to sharing with you additional details on how our changing political landscape will present opportunities for us to work together to achieve something that unites more than 80% of all Americans – overturning Citizens United and getting big money out of politics.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue to engage in the democracy movement during this critical time. You are not alone in this fight.

Free Speech For People stands with the American people in its fight to reclaim the democracy that is so vital to all of us. Our work to end Super PACs, our work to challenge big money in judicial elections, our work to get foreign corporate money out of our elections, and our work to win a 28th Amendment continues.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.

We are grateful for your support and will continue to stand with you in the defense of our democracy.

All the Best,

John Bonifaz