Free Speech For People was founded on the day of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC more than a decade ago, and we have been a leader ever since of the movement for constitutional amendments to overturn that ruling and reclaim our democracy. We were among the first advocates for the People’s Rights Amendment and the Democracy For All Amendment — both of which we helped to draft, and we have been staunch advocates in the push to finally get the Equal Rights Amendment over the finish line.

Today, we are proud to announce our support for a series of Democracy Amendments, including a new amendment we have recently drafted — the Free and Fair Elections Amendment — to end the big money dominance of our elections and our government.

Here are the Democracy Amendments:

  • The Free and Fair Elections Amendment: prohibits corporate spending in our elections, establishes strict contribution and spending limits, and requires the enactment of a national system of public campaign financing;

  • The People’s Rights Amendment: overturns the fabricated doctrine of corporate constitutional rights and restores the promise of American self-government of, by, and for the people;

  • The Right to Vote Amendment: establishes the fundamental right to vote for all Americans of legal voting age and prohibits any form of discriminatory exclusion from that right;

  • The Presidential Popular Vote Amendment: abolishes the electoral college and replaces it with a national popular vote for president and vice president; and

  • The Equal Rights Amendment: guarantees equal rights to all people regardless of sex.

Read the full amendments here.