FSFP Board Chair Ben Clements recently authored an Oped about how The House of Representatives could stop Trump’s unconstitutional use of federal paramilitary officials in U.S cities.

“Trump’s use of these federal agencies to turn our country into a police state is not only unconstitutional. It is straight out of the playbook of the fascist leaders he admires and emulates, and it poses an existential threat to our democracy—especially as we approach a national vote on whether he remains in office,” says Clements.

Free Speech For People recently submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Justice seeking to identify the relationship between armed paramilitary groups and the Department of Justice. The request seeks any communication regarding armed personnel who wear no uniforms or insignia but claim to be federal law enforcement.

“The House needs to use whatever tools it has to restrain a lawless president. That should start with immediate emergency investigations into Trump’s misuse of these federal agencies and withholding funding from the agencies involved until Trump withdraws them from our cities,” says Clements. 

Read the entire piece here.