Free Speech For People Board Member Professor Jennifer Taub recently joined Greater Boston with Jim Braude on WGBH-TV to debate the legal case for convicting former President Donald Trump in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial and barring him from future federal office. During a debate with attorney Harvey Silverglate, Professor Taub outlined the constitutionality of holding Trump accountable via the impeachment power.

“If you cannot try a former president for an impeachment that was done when he was in office, all that means is that they can avoid this very important remedy in the Constitution simply by resigning. This remedy of barring him from future office is critical,” said Taub.

Following Trump’s impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives last month, a number of lawmakers have continued to claim that a former president cannot be tried for an impeachable offense once he’s out of office. There is no basis in the U.S. Constitution to back that claim.

“It’s perfectly legitimate for lawmakers not to want this man to be able to ever serve in public office again. And that is a remedy under the Constitution and it should not be deprived of the Congress, given that one: the House is in charge of all impeachments, and the Senate has the right to try all impeachments,” said Taub.

Watch the full debate here.