Last week, the town of Brookline, Massachusetts took a big step toward passing our model local resolution to impeach Donald Trump, when its Selectmen voted unanimously to send it to the May 23 Town Meeting.

The “Brookline Resolution in Support of Congressional Investigation Regarding Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump” began when Lisa Kolarik discovered our legal advocacy efforts to impeach President Trump for violations of the US Constitution.  Kolarik, who renewed her political engagement following the 2016 presidential election, credits the Impeach Donald Trump Now campaign and the Impeach Donald Trump Now event on March 2nd in Jamaica Plain as the inspiration for this initiative.

In a recent Huffington Post piece, Kolarik is quoted:

“After hearing Free Speech for People officials explain that the Constitution has been violated by President Trump from the moment he took office, I became motivated to not let the violations continue without resistance,” said Kolarik. “I think our Representatives in Congress need to know that we care, and won’t let anyone ride roughshod over the principles upon which this country was founded.”

What followed, is a citizen-led action in Brookline and a scheduled Town Meeting vote in May. Kolarik was informed she had to collect 200 signatures by April 13 to add the resolution to the agenda for the May 23 Town Meeting. The petition reached its goal, and now it is on the docket along with the nearby town of Newton.

In Massachusetts, the resolution is being advanced in Leverett, Amherst, and Wellesley, where Kolarik grew up.

“We as citizens should make sure our elected representatives in the US House uphold the Constitution so that no one, including President Trump, operates above the law.”

Momentum is building for an impeachment. The people of Massachusetts are ready to take action!

To read more on the Brookline efforts, visit The Huffington Post.

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