FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein recently appeared on Rising Up With Sonali to discuss a recent New Mexico ruling that disqualified former county commissioner Couy Griffin from public office under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment. Fein also discussed the implications of that ruling for challenges to the candidacies of other insurrectionists including former president Trump.

“This is the first case in the context of Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment, which is the provision under which Trump would be disqualified from office, that clearly said that January 6 counted as an insurrection for that purpose…It’s a valuable case, it’s valuable precedent. It built on the case that we at Free Speech For People brought against Marjorie Taylor Greene and it helps establish further precedent that would help in a disqualification case against Donald Trump,” said Fein.

Free Speech For People has already committed to filing multiple Section Three legal challenges to the candidacies of other insurrectionists – including, if he runs again, Donald Trump.

“Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment is a separate provision that’s not intended as a punishment. It’s intended to protect the country from someone like Trump, who would betray an oath to support the Constitution and support an insurrection that ravaged the United States Capitol and almost completely disrupted the peaceful transfer of power,” said Fein.

Listen to the full discussion here.

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