Glenn Kirschner, host of Justice Matters, recently produced a video where he discusses Free Speech For People’s petition for Attorney General Garland to create an independent task force within the Department of Justice to investigate Trump and his associates for potential federal crimes.

“There is a petition that caught my attention and it’s posted online and you can sign it. It’s already been signed by more than two hundred thousand Americans. It’s authored by an organization that was created in 2010, the day after the Supreme Court decided the horrific Citizens United case – you know, unlimited dark money in our politics,” says Kirschner.

Free Speech For People has fought to hold Trump accountable since launching an impeachment campaign on Inauguration Day in 2017, due to the former president’s direct and serious violations of two anti-corruption clauses of the Constitution. Now the organization is calling on the Attorney General to hold the former president accountable for misuse of the presidency for personal profit, bribery or extortion, tax fraud, and other potential crimes.

Watch the entire video here.

Sign the petition to hold Trump and his associates accountable here.