Free Speech For People President John Bonifaz recently appeared on Rising Up With Sonali to discuss former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book detailing more alleged impeachable conduct by Donald J. Trump. During the discussion with host Sonali Kolhatkar, Bonifaz addressed the need for Congress to reconvene its impeachment inquiry and force John Bolton to testify under oath.

“The House never followed up with their own subpoena and that’s why it is now critically necessary to do so. The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerry Nadler, should go ahead and issue that subpoena to force John Bolton to testify,” said Bonifaz.

Last year Free Speech For People urged the House to expand the scope of its impeachment investigation to include additional abuses of power by Donald Trump. Instead, the House focused almost exclusively on the Ukraine scandal and voted to impeach Trump on two articles: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate voted to acquit the President on both charges during an impeachment trial that lacked witnesses or any relevant documents.

“There is no ‘several months before the election’ exception to the impeachment clause in the U.S Constitution.There is nothing stopping the House Judiciary Committee from reconvening its impeachment inquiry and dealing with the revelations out of John Bolton’s book and frankly dealing with the incitement of violence and murder that this President has been committing in the past several weeks…” said Bonifaz.

Watch the full discussion here.