FSFP Senior Advisor on Election Security Susan Greenhalgh recently appeared on The Ron Show Podcast to discuss the Trump campaign’s multi-state plot to access and steal copies of voting system software from Coffee County, Georgia, and the lack of a federal investigation into the matter.

The following is an excerpt from the discussion:

The information that uncovers this potential crime in Coffee County and taking voting system software improperly…was uncovered by the Coalition For Good Governance in the course of an ongoing litigation that they have in Georgia that started in 2017. Not through the County uncovering it, not through the Georgia Secretary of State uncovering it, not through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation uncovering it,” said Greenhalgh.

“And it gets even worse, in that we know that there were several significant incidents which should have triggered, by any reasonable estimation, an investigation from the secretary of state’s office at the least, and they did not. And that’s what we write about in this article and it gives a lot of details in the documentation about that.

Slate recently published an op-ed co-authored by Free Speech For People Chairman & Senior Legal Advisor Ben Clements and Senior Election Security Advisor Susan Greenhalgh on the Coffee County voting system breach, and the urgent need for a federal probe.

Listen to the full Ron Show Podcast segment here.

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