FSFP Senior Advisor on Election Security Susan Greenhalgh was recently featured in a new piece highlighting major flaws with Los Angeles County’s voting system. The article references a recent independent review which found that LA county’s Voting Solutions for All People 2.0 (VSAP) election system failed to sync with the county’s voter database in March 2020.

“The ePollbooks couldn’t find the voters in the county’s own register database? That’s its main job…How did it not do its main job properly?” said Greenhalgh.

Earlier this year, Free Speech For People and the National Election Defense Coalition issued a letter outlining specific issues of non-compliance that challenged the VSAP’s security and reliability. The letter included failures of the Open Ended Vulnerability Testing (OVET fail) that should have disqualified the VSAP from receiving certification under California state rules.

As the author of the piece points out, “the system was still given the green light to be used in the March primary by the California Secretary of State Office.”

Read the entire piece in the Courthouse News Service here.