FSFP Senior Advisor On Election Security Susan Greenhalgh recently appeared at DEFCON Voting Village to discuss why Free Speech For People is suing the  U.S. Election Assistance Commission for its decision to allow devices with wireless networking capability in federally certified voting machines. The discussion provided an in-depth view of all the behind-the scenes charades the Commission engaged in to conceal tens of thousands of public comments supporting a ban on wireless networking, while it flouted federal  laws to meet with vendors privately, ultimately contravening expert guidance and gutting the ban on wireless devices.

“I’m here to talk about the mind-blowingly reckless and stupid decision, made by the federal agency that oversees voting technology, to allow wireless networking devices in federally certified voting machines. Considering the state of confidence in election systems, and the current cyber threat landscape, it would seem to be a complete no-brainer that we should ban all wireless networking connectivity in voting machines but that’s not what happened.” said Greenhalgh.

“The bottom line is that, despite all the public statements by the EAC and others, there are wireless networking devices in voting machines around the country, and the new federal voting system standards adopted by the EAC had the opportunity to ban them all together, but the EAC did everything it could to subvert the ban.” added Greenhalgh.

Watch the entire presentation here.

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