FSFP Senior Advisor on Election Security Susan Greenhalgh was recently featured in a new piece about the security of U.S election systems, where she discussed the lack of significant election security reforms adopted since the 2016 elections. 

“It was in August [2016] that [then US Secretary of Homeland Security] Jeh Johnson convened his first call with the secretaries of state to talk about the security of election systems. We have seen none of the sweeping reforms that people have been talking about,” said Greenhalgh.

Though Congress has failed to pass legislation to ensure all elections are conducted on paper ballots and checked through routine post-election risk-limiting audits, Free Speech For People has sought the discontinued use of insecure, unreliable, unauditable electronic voting systems through lawsuits in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Free Speech For People has also sought to hold voting system vendors accountable for selling voting systems with wireless modems with false claims and deceptive marketing. 

“After 2016, we were told over and over again that the voting machines were never connected to the internet. Nobody could actually hack the vote totals. That was completely untrue. It was a lie,” said Greenhalgh. 

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