FSFP Senior Advisor on Election Security Susan Greenhalgh recently appeared on The Open Mind to discuss the vetting of election machinery and tabulations of vote choices in U.S election systems. During the discussion with host Alexander Heffner, Greenhalgh addressed the qualities of a robust auditing process.

“What you need to have a good audit – it needs to be state-wide, it also needs to be designed to have legal teeth to escalate if you start to see problems,” said Greenhalgh.

During the discussion, Greenhalgh also stressed the critical role of hand-marked paper ballots in conducting accurate audits of election systems.

“You’re not recounting all the paper ballots, you’re using the statistical formula to pull a certain number of ballots and make sure that they are matching what the reported computer-generated results are so that you have confidence that the computer is counting your votes correctly,” said Greenhalgh.

Listen to the entire discussion here.

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