Free Speech For People Senior Counsel Courtney Hostetler recently appeared on the BradCast to discuss various lawsuits in Texas, North Carolina and Pennsylvania to challenge unsafe and unequal voting practices during the COVID19 pandemic.

“Because of the socioeconomic burdens that have been placed on marginalized communities in this country – that run along racial and ethnic lines, we have seen that Black and Latino communities are at much higher risk not only for getting COVID19 but also for being hospitalized, for fatalities…and on top of that, in Texas, Black and Latino communities are also less likely to have access to neighborhood polling places,” said Hostetler.

FSFP filed a lawsuit in July on behalf of Mi Familia Vota, the Texas NAACP, and individual Texas voters, challenging a broad range of Texas’s voting practices that place an undue burden on the right to vote and present adverse risks to voters of color.

Listen to the entire discussion here.