Free Speech For People’s motion to file an amicus brief outlining Trump’s unconstitutional pardon of Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was recently featured on Justice Matters with host Glenn Kirschner.

“Another organization has filed a motion with Judge Sullivan in Mike Flynn’s case seeking permission to provide an amicus brief. An amicus brief is simply a friend of the court brief arguing a constitutional principle. That organization is called Free Speech For People…What they are intending to argue as they put in their motion is that Donald Trump’s pardon of Mike Flynn is unconstitutional,” says Kirscher.

On Tuesday. FSFP requested that the Court inquire further into the extent to which the President’s grant of clemency was made in his own narrow self-interest, rather than any plausible conception of the public interest. The organization previously issued a report on Trump’s abuse of the pardon power following his commutation of Roger Stone’s prison sentence.

“What I will say having appeared before Judge Sullivan as a federal prosecutor is that he is a fiercely independent judge…and I for one hope he holds a hearing. And I for one hope he receives this friend of the court, this amicus brief, being offered by Free Speech For People arguing that Donald Trump’s pardon of Mike Flynn may be unconstitutional,” says Kirscher.

Watch the entire video here.