A new post on The Nation takes on today’s money primary, and explains how the vast majority of Americans are being denied the value of their vote. The author, Ari Berman provides analysis that parallels the poll tax denying African-Americans the right to vote, to how the influence of the mega-rich shuts out the voices of everyday Americans.

Summed up in nicely in this quote:

“This disparity is particularly notable today, when the flood of big money into the political system coincides with renewed efforts to make it more difficult for citizens—particularly people of color—to vote, whether by shutting down registration drives, cutting early voting, requiring strict voter ID, purging the voting rolls, or disenfranchising ex-felons. “We are facing a dual attack on our democracy—everyday voters are being disenfranchised, while corporations are being hyper-enfranchised,” said former NAACP president Ben Jealous in 2013.”

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