“A President is impeachable if he attempts to subvert the Constitution.”
James Madison

There are now 84 House members demanding to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump for obstruction of justice, calling on their colleagues to choose courage over caution. 

This news follows recent announcements by Democrats Joe Kennedy III (MA) and Harley Rouda (CA) last week that they are ready to put country over party and support the beginning of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. 

Rep. Kennedy released a statement on June 26 saying that reversing his previous position on impeachment was not a decision he made lightly. “It’s a dark day for our country when our Commander-in-Chief is accused of high crimes,” his statement reads. “But after reading the Mueller report in full, reviewing the facts and consulting with legal experts, I believe Congress has a responsibility to act decisively.” 

Rouda, a freshman Democrat, sits on the House Oversight Committee, one of six committees tasked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to investigate Trump’s conduct. As of today, nearly half the Democrats on these six committees are publicly ready to begin the impeachment process. Rep. Rouda spoke to Politico the day after Rep. Kennedy’s announcement, describing his decision as “not difficult at all.”

“Members of Congress have a sworn duty to defend the Constitution in the face of the occupant of the White House shredding it every day,” says John Bonifaz, Co-Founder and President of Free Speech For People. “We applaud the more than 80 Members of Congress who have upheld that oath and called for an impeachment inquiry of this president. We urge all other Members of Congress who remain standing on the sidelines at this critical hour for our nation to enter the field and protect our republic.”