On February 27th, the Montana State Senate voted to approve State Senate Joint Resolution 19, “encouraging Montana’s elected and appointed state and federal officials to work to amend the constitution… to overturn… Citizens United…”. Eight Republican State Senators (Ron Arthun, Edward Buttrey, Jennifer Fielder, Llew Jones, Alan Olson, Scott Sales, Bruce Tutvedt, and Chas Vincent) joined Democrats in supporting the measure.

The vote re-affirmed and reflected the statewide popular vote for I-166 last November, which was approved by the state’s voters in an overwhelming, 3-1 victory for the amendment movement.

Free Speech For People is proud to have helped steer that campaign to victory, alongside our partners Common Cause and StandWithMontanans.

Senate Joint Resolution 19, linked here, opens with the acknowledgement that “in November 2012, Montanans voted overwhelmingly to enact Initiative No. 166, which established a state policy that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings and which charged Montana elected and appointed state and federal officials to act to implement that policy.”

Hats off to the Montana State Senate and the people of Montana!