BREAKING: In a dangerous ruling, the Supreme Court today left open the question of Donald Trump’s immunity for crimes that he committed while in office. Rather than confirming that Trump is not immune from prosecution for his crimes while serving as President of the United States, the Court has manufactured an unprecedented concept of presidential immunity and sent Trump v. United States back to the U.S. District Court for further review. 

It is a defining feature of our constitutional democracy that no one, not even the president, is above the law. That principle has never been in serious question until the Supreme Court recklessly decided to review this case, causing an immediate and substantial delay in one of the most significant federal prosecutions in our nation’s history and preventing Special Counsel Jack Smith from even beginning Trump’s conspiracy and obstruction trial for his attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Today, a majority of the Court has manufactured an “absolute immunity” for a president carrying out core constitutional functions and “presumptive immunity” for carrying out any official act, concepts that find no support in our constitution and that have no place in a constitutional democracy. In doing so, the Court has not only undermined the prosecution of Donald Trump, they have placed our democracy at the mercy of future authoritarian and corrupt presidents who, unless and until this reckless decision is reversed, can violate federal and state criminal laws at will as long as they are pursuing their core constitutional function.  These determinations and the Court’s decision to send the case back to the District Court for further review reinforces the compelling impression that a majority of the Court is once again violating their oath to faithfully uphold the Constitution, abusing their power to help Donald Trump’s political prospects.  

Moreover, Justices Thomas and Alito have displayed clear conflicts of interest that should have prevented them from hearing and participating in this case. 

Ginni Thomas, Justice Thomas’s wife, was directly involved in the Stop the Steal movement, sending numerous text messages to former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in an attempt to disregard the November 2020 presidential election results and keep Trump in power. Justice Alito, meanwhile, flew two flags carried during the January 6th insurrection outside his homes following the attack on the Capitol.

Free Speech For People has launched SCOTUS Reform Now, a comprehensive demand for accountability and reform within the United States Supreme Court to restore its legitimacy and integrity.

WATCH: Introducing SCOTUS Reform Now

The United States Supreme Court is mired in corruption and undue influence. Congress must take action to hold the Court accountable: 

  • Hold public hearings to expose corruption.
  • Subpoena Justice Alito and his wife.
  • Subpoena Chief Justice Roberts regarding his handling of the insurrectionist flag.
  • Begin impeachment proceedings against Justice Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh. 
  • Expose the conflict of interest in cases related to the J6 insurrection.

The future of the Supreme Court is on the line.