In the face of allegations that Donald Trump is yet again seeking to secure a presidential election with unlawful schemes – this time apparently with extortion and bribery of foreign leaders — all Nancy Pelosi can muster is a rehash of her tired efforts to blame the Republicans.  Perhaps she forgets that she leads the House of Representatives, the body the Constitution entrusts with the power and responsibility of impeachment.  It is time for the House Judiciary Committee to stop its bumbling through the tangential weeds of the Mueller report and focus directly on the growing body of evidence of Trump’s self-dealing and abuses of power, including his latest attempts to subvert foreign policy to his political ends.  And it’s time for Speaker Pelosi to give her full and public support to serious and urgent impeachment proceedings with a tight timeframe for voting on Articles of Impeachment.   This may be her last chance to decide whether she goes down in history as a leader who stood up for the Constitution and the American people or as the craven who blocked impeachment of the most corrupt and impeachable president in our nation’s history.

Ben Clements, Board Chair of Free Speech For People